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New Lost Idol EP
(added 10/02/11)

To kick off 2011 we're pleased to announce a brand new release from Lost Idol; entitled 'In Time & Space', it's a 4-track EP that was written specifically for a Lost Idol performance at London's beautiful Union Chapel & is a truly absorbing journey into the realms of ambient, kosmiche musik & beyond. It will be available from monday 14th feb on cd & digital download, in the meantime you can check out a sweet audio-visual taster right here

Morning Glory On Mixcloud
(added 10/02/11)

In radio-related news don't forget to check out Morning Glory, a regular 2 hour broadcast focusing on the finest in alternative, electronica, ambient & experimental vibes put together & presented by Lost Idol, now hosted on the brilliant Mixcloud site.

Lost Idol Mix On Proper Songs
(added 18/05/10)

Lost Idol has put together an exclusive mix for Proper Songs. This mix is just that - a carefully selected slew of records that have particularly inspired him in the last year or so. Includes Talk Talk, Django Django, Animal Collective, The Chap, The Beach Boys & more...
Check it out here.

Lost Idol 'Brave The Elements' OUT NOW
(added 12/03/10)

Lost Idol's sophomore album is out now. 'Brave The Elements' sees him moving away from the psychedelic songcraft of 2006's 'Utters From A Cluttered Mind' & into a predominantly instrumental oeuvre that reflects his love for electronica, ambient, krautrock, soundscapes & beyond. Melodic, atmospheric & beguiling, this is an immersive record that reveals its beauty through repeated listens....

"Always a magpie, ‘Brave The Elements’ harnesses raw elements & deftly smelts them into something entirely different & wonderful" 4/5 - Q

"With the ability to throw you from crashing beats & uplifting melodies, to an abyss of dronings & bleak soundscapes it is what the fifth element would have created if she made an IDM record"Flux

"Meaty & beat-driven at the core, dreamy & ethereal at the edges, ‘Brave The Elements’ is purists’ LP of liquid electronica"Kruger

* Listen to the album in full here

* CD available in all good record shops now, or online from Amazon

* Digital download available exclusively at Bandcamp (will be available on i-tunes, Beatport & more on 15th March)

New Lost Idol Single 'A Sorrowful Thing' Out Now
(added 01/02/10)

James Dean, producer & man behind the Cookshop record label, steps out from the shadows to don his Lost Idol alias & bring us the first single taken from his forthcoming lp ‘Brave The Elements’. 'A Sorrowful Thing’ is a beautifully understated lament featuring Lost Idol’s hushed voice accompanied by clipped beats & atmospherics, a song that successfully combines his love of electronica with an emotive & human touch which is often lacking in much of the electronic-based music of today. Norway’s Implosion Quintet turns in an equally impressive remix, completely rebuilding the song around the vocals using all manner of plucked acoustic instruments & stripping away the electronics to give it a lo-fi contemporary folk twist. Listen here!Available at iTunes, Play, 7digital, emusic, Beatsdigital, Juno & more.

Digital Midgets - 'Zootronics' Free Download
(added 04/01/10)

Happy New Year! Cookshop long-timer Digital Midgets has made his absolutely ace 'Zootronics' album available for free download. It's a 3-part segue that delves into typically off-kilter electronics, cosmic dance moves & intricately-spun soundscapes that could only come from the weird & quite wonderful brain of the Digital Midgets. Grab it now, for free HERE!

New Implosion Quintet Video
(added 28/08/09)

Jaloppy Peppers Video

Rejoice all ye faithful! Implosion Quintet has hooked up with eminent filmaker Mr. Jesse Tate to bring us a videophonic makeover of 'Jalopy Peppers', a track taken from his 'I Don't Hear A Single' EP. Watch it here - but be warned! To gander it eye-wise is to weep, guffaw & be nauseated in equal measure.

In other IQ-related news, we urge you to sign up to his own mailing list for further updates, you can do so here & will receive an exclusive track for your troubles...all to gain, nowt to lose.

Goes without saying, if you haven't checked out the debut Implosion Quintet album 'The Future Sound Of Yesterday' then do so, post-haste, here.

Until we meet again....

Implosion Quintet - 'The Future Sound Of Yesterday' OUT NOW
(added 06/07/09)

"a vital work that's part Barry Adamson, part 'In Rainbows' & the part of your mind that makes you commit evil acts" - Source

"on beats-based soundbeds, Baker lays down compositions of a bewildering & beguilingly hybrid nature" - Uncut

"...sounds as if it should accompany the trials & tribulations of a Balkan cowboy trapped in a space capsule with an opera singing Nosferatu" - Music Omh

Implosion Quintet is singular fivesome James Baker, a British musician now residing in Norway. Following a scattering of tracks on the Cookshop label, we're proud to present his highly ambitious & accomplished debut album, 'The Future Sound Of Yesterday'. Driven by a short attention span & love of prog, proto-metal, jazz, electronica, klezmer, tango & everything in between, IQ takes us on a bizarre journey through said styles infused with a cinematic quality lending it the feel of a soundtrack to some long forgotten cult eastern European flick. This is undoubtedly one of the most dizzyingly unique records to come round in quite some time...

Buy the CD here

Available digitally at ITunes, Amazon, Emusic, Juno, Play, 7 Digital & Dancetracks


* Lost Idol - Best Of 2007 Mix

* Lost Idol - Dough Beats Mix

* Digital Midgets - Little Chef Mix

* Elemental Vs Digital Midgets Mix










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