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Sites We Like...

Bastard Jazz - www.bastardjazz.com
Downright dubbed-out dopeness from NYC's top independent label.

Commodity Records - www.implosionquintet.com
Home to Implosion Quintet; one bloke with a multiple personality disorder producing beautific cinematic gems straight outta Norway!

Five Missions More - www.fivemissionsmore.com
Cutting edge independent music licensing and publishing company.

Groove Distribution - www.groovedis.com
Our US distributer. Also distribute many other great labels in the US including Bastard Jazz, Freestyle, Jack To Phono & more.

Humanworkshop - www.humanworkshop.com
Excellent new Dutch label specializing in experimental downtempo music. Their site also has a samples download resource, essential for sample-seekers everywhere.

Juice 107.2FM - www.juicebrighton.com
Catch our radio show streamed here live every Sunday 6am-8am GMT.

Juno Download - www.junodownload.com/labels/Cook+Shop

Another online source for all things Cookshop digital.

Kudos -
Online sauce for all things Cookshop.

Myspace - www.myspace.com
Come befriend us!
Digital Midgets
Implosion Quintet
Jonathan Krisp
La Femme
Lost Idol
Zoon Van Snook

Nature Records -
Top Roman electronix label featuring Jolly Music, Passarani and J-Spool (collaboration project between Lost Idol and Mr Candu).

Ninja Tune -
Not alot you probably don't already know about this label, masters of zenlightenment.

Totallyradio - www.totallyradio.com
Superb online radio featuring a host of diverse shows for your listening pleasure, including Cookshop's own Morning Glory show.




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Lost Idol

La Femme

Jonathan Krisp


Digital Midgets

Mr Candu

Implosion Quintet